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27th-Sep-2010 01:06 pm - New community!
→ tropical
Made a new community for my graphics. I'll most likely be deleting adorement.

Come & join!!! foreverafters and don't forget my stock icon community peacelovelattes !
26th-Aug-2010 11:39 am(no subject)
→ tropical
adorement is closing. i don't have the time or want to make anymore. xoxo.
24th-Apr-2010 08:18 pm - FREEBIE OFFER
ϟ beach
Taking FIVE Piggy(+ LOVED)
Please use your manners when requesting.
Make sure you remember to pick up your blinkie within a timely manner and credit 090487 at adorement
Interested in my LOVED LIST? Go HERE


Please fill out the form completely when requesting!

5th-Apr-2010 01:40 pm - Maker Application
Interested in being a maker here at adorement? Apply here! I'm looking for more makers to make this community more active. You MUST be a member of this community to apply!

Answer before <*br>

Comments are screened. If I don't get back to you soon, I apologize.
5th-Apr-2010 10:37 am - Makers.
Thank you to everyone that responded to my last post. For now I have decided to add two makers. Welcome aryam88 & 090487!!!

I may be adding more later! :)
25th-Dec-2008 09:21 pm - Member's Only!

No special forms. Just join & friend & wait to be accepted or not!

Over 6O people were cut on 1.15.1O. You can always rejoin! ;*

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